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Since 1991, over a quarter century, Live Wire Systems have been installed in small and large, private and public companies across the United States, from Chula Vista, California to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Our Electric Fences combine state of the art electronics and innovative psychological deterrents. These systems were created keeping in mind that it makes more sense to “prevent” a problematic situation than having to “deal” with it after the fact.

For over 30 years our systems have been designed to protect specific outdoor areas, securing the perimeter and acting as an effectively visual, physical & psychological deterrent.

Commercial Security

Industrial Security

Zoo/Animal Security

Cameras and monitors work great if you want to know “who done it”.  Reality is, most insurance companies and law enforcement rarely are able to use the recording, when kept available, and this assumes you have clear views of the perpetrators and their faces.  They are very expensive to install and operate, while their technology is mostly obsolete the moment they are installed. 24 hour monitoring helps, at an additional monthly fee, after all, someone has to look at the video to be useful.  Wouldn’t you think it’s easier to keep intruders out in the first place?

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Our PCS/8500 is a deterrent security grid that covers your fence line and access points, installed inside your property.
It is comprised of a series of galvanized hi-tensile wire strands suspended from custom insulated fiberglass posts, creating a grid around your protected perimeter. Through these wires circulates an electric pulse of about 8,500 Volts for a fraction of a second about each second. At the return point, our electronics read the incoming voltage, sending the proper signal if the circuit is tampered with, or if the voltage drops below pre-established parameters.


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